Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rules and Guidelines

Okay, listen up! Here are the blog's rules and guidelines:

Ohohoho: I can post as many photos of my beloved Rahm Emanuel as I want because I'm the blog editor and you can't stop me. Image from HillBuz

1) Submissions

Please send your submissions to the blog editor, whose e-mail is on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Any member of the Vassar community can submit an article, an ad for an event, or artwork--whatever, as long as it reflects culture and style in and out of the Vassar bubble.

The editor reserves the write to make small revisions to your submission.

2) Citation Guidelines

Please cite all sources. For photographs, write the name of the source in small print under your photo. If you are citing an article, please mention the author of the original piece and include a link. If you are using a source from a service that requires a subscription--such as Women's Wear Daily or the New York Times--please quote the part of the article you are responding to, either in the main body of your article or as a footnote. Finally, please include all your sources in the tags.

3) Commenting

No foul language, no personal attacks! Constructive criticism only.

4) Language

Please keep it civil and PG-rated.

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