Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fur: Opinions?

Peta seems to be winning in the fur debate. Liz Hurley is being criticized for heading the campaign for Blackglama, an elite fur house. Lindsey Lohan had flour thrown at her recently. Here are some pictures from the campaign.

In spite of this, fur seems to be making a serious comeback this season, and I have seen a lot of it at Vassar. What do you think about this, is fur okay if it is second hand? Is it always wrong? Is it less acceptable at vassar?

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  1. try replacing the bland open ended questions with something legitimately insightful

  2. fur is warm but live animals are warmer get a pet or something dont kill stuff

  3. vintage fur is a great compromise. You get the luxury of fur, but because it's second hand you're not directly encouraging the fur industry.

    Another question: Why is fur such a big deal and leather is generally overlooked?

  4. I don't care one way or another for fur. I would never wear it, but I love petting my mother's fur coat (and it's sooo waaaaaaarm).

    PETA's actions are completely inappropriate. Obviously, no one wants to hurt animals for their fur, but dumping flour on people isn't exactly going to help. So. Maybe try skinning animals when they're dead and not alive? And/or kill the animals in the kosher way, so they don't feel pain?

    To answer the question above, I assume leather is not targeted because the skin is taken from an animal that was slaughtered for meat. The way that furry animals are skinned is barbaric to say the least.


    P.S. I don't think vintage fur helps. The animal was probably killed in an unseemly fashion. But I wouldn't strike anyone down for wearing fur.

  5. fur, in addition to being cruel, is also just plain tacky. i manages to always add at least two decades to the person wearing it and NOT in a good way. there are so many other alternatives nowadays that it's just selfish and ostentatious to buy it, on top of being heartless. i agree that vintage fur is just as bad, it does in fact create a market for vintage stores to seek out and stock more furs if they see people are interested in them.