Monday, 17 November 2008

Thrift-keepsie? Pough-vation Army??

Horrible titles aside, Poughkeepsie does have some great thrift stores and most of the stores on the list donate their profits to charity. I always have luck at Goodwill, perhaps because it isn't in within walking distance of a school that thrives on vintage. You'll need a car to get there, but it's worth the trip! And who doesn't love the old ladies at the Bargain Box?

Feel good, buy more flannel:

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  1. some of my best fashion staples are from thrift stores. Also, don't forget the Potpourri in the college center, it is way more expensive than the other places, but it definitely delivers vintage-y goodness.

  2. poootttpoppooouuuuurrrrriiiii!

    i loves it

  3. I did so well at the goodwill last week. It's definitely my favorite store in the area.