Sunday, 14 December 2008

Beth Ditto to be on 'Love' Launch Cover

Beth Ditto, the over 200 pound lesbian frontwoman for indie band Gossip, will be on the inaugural cover for Katie Grand's new magazine for Conde Nast, called 'Love'. Katie Grand is a stylist from London and the founder of the very successful Pop magazine, which has featured Ditto before. The use of Ditto is an interesting, different choice for a launch cover but in reading other fashion blogs people call the decision, "predictable" while others think that it is awesome. Love is supposed to be the fashion magazine that is currently missing from the industry. It will come out twice a year and be more edgy than other magazines. It is interesting that Conde Nast is even launching a new magazine during a time when they are cutting 5% of their existing magazines. They must trust Katie to deliver, again.

Here is Ditto(Right) with model Kate Moss (Center)
Ditto has been recognized as a fashion icon in England
This is Beth Ditto in Katie Grand's former magazine, Pop
Here is Ditto with Katie Grand.

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