Thursday, 25 December 2008

Help Me Appear in Teen Vogue!

Hey Everyone!

Back in October I helped out as a model for Teen Vogue's Fashion University -particularly the Lycra styling seminar. The students in this seminar were instructed to create a look with a limited amount of clothing assembled by the Lycra sponsors (1 rack per group). Each group of aspiring stylists consisted of about 10 girls with about 40 minutes to grab,deconstruct/reconstruct, and style a complete look. The winning group gets their look published in an upcoming issue of Teen Vogue- and so does the model :) 

Click here to cast your vote! 

(PS. unlike it says on the site- it had nothing to do with necklaces! Oops- looks like they made a typo!)

Thanks for reading! 
Happy Holidays!! And have an amazing break :)


  1. Happy holidays, everyone!

    Am I meanie poopie head for thinking that all of these looks are terrible and unflattering? Sorries. :(

  2. i mean alyssa's is totally the best one though... did you design it? or just model?

  3. Oh, Alyssa does have the best look, no lie. To be fair, the contestants only had 40 minutes to make an outfit, and they didn't choose what was on the rack, but still, a bit derivative. I hope the vote goes your way, Alyssa--you look great!