Sunday, 14 December 2008

What should Michelle Obama wear to the Inauguration?

Oscar de la Renta

Christian Lacroix

Betsey Johnson

Peter Som

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  1. I demand Oscar de la Renta. For myself, anyway. (But that is not the Oscar de la Renta dress I would choose for our future First Lady. There are better ones out there--for shame, Oscar!)

  2. Sarah Palin ruined Chanel for me! Well, the jacket combo, anyway.

    I say Oscar de la Renta as well. The Betsey Johnson is a little Wonder Woman.

  3. There is nothing--NOTHING--wrong with Wonder Woman. Although I agree, dressing like the best superhero in the history of ever is not a good idea for an inauguration gown.

    I kind of like Peter Som's dress, but it's not terribly exciting.


  4. the lacroix drawings are beautiful...