Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Everything Old Is New

We may have just missed the generation where MTV's 'House of Style' was culturally relevant, but it looks like we'll have another shot this year. MTV producer's are said to be reviving this early MTV classic (it began in 1989 and hit its prime by 1995) which featured a slew of supermodels and runway fashion, as well as more in-depth looks at the modelling industry and even eating disorders.

The old show featured various hosts, most notably Cindy Crawford, and this time around names like Chanel Iman and Bar Rafaeli have been mentioned. Between the slew of fashion-oriented TV programing and the love of all things 90's (that's right, even the 80's are becoming passe), this seems like a great alternative to 90% of MTV's current programming. Bromance? Really?


From Fashionista

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