Friday, 10 April 2009


“Five girls out of 30 will all buy the same skirt in London, and we’ll never wear it the same way. We can all wear it on the same day and never know it. Someone will wear it as a top. Someone will wear it as a hat.”
-Eric Wilson, NY Times, discussing Topshop's impact on style

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I have to be honest, having spent time in London I am constantly amazed by how much more innovative and fashion forward people are. I remember about 4 years ago I bought my first skinny jeans there, and was terrified to wear them. Now they are all I wear. The same thing goes for knee high boots with either tights or jeans. Something else that amazed me though was the lack of variety in stores. It seemed like everyone in England bought their underwear at M&S, their trendy clothes at Topshop, their shoes at Office, and then dabbled in Mango, Zara, Karen Millen, etc. The turnover in these stores, however, was unreal. If we think about Forever 21's two week stocking pattern, Topshop and Office put them to shame. Topshop is able to produce high fashion trends fast, allowing the girl next door to look like she stepped off a runway. It is their innovation and creativity that allows all of these girls to look so unique- even when most of them are shopping at the same stores.


  1. But then there are social and economic concerns--where is the clothing made? Are the workers treated well? Are people shunned who can't buy the latest, greatest, disposable thing right when it comes out? What about quality control? Merchandising? How well are the Topshop designers treated? If the turnover is so high, they probably have to do a new collection every month.

    I know that I am hardly the most stylish dresser on campus and sometimes I feel badly about that. But I know that what I wear is at least classic and of good quality. I would rather have some basic, good quality pieces that can be dressed up than frantically buy a ton of cheap pieces that are not only very flimsy and poorly made, but don't feel good against my skin because of the poor quality. In my opinion, fast fashion deadens creativity because it forces the wearer to be a mindless consumer who can't even process what they're wearing and why they are presenting themselves that way because they're too busy trying to be the latest and greatest trend setter.


  2. Interesting. I didn't realize forever 21 had such a fast turnover.

  3. i am so excited to check out topshop! thanks for the tips, you're the best. i always look forward to your posts :)