Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Dress of the Year?

I really like Kate Moss' designs for Topshop, but do you really think that this dress is the best design of the year? This is the award that has gone to innovators like John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Giorgio Armani. Kate Moss isn't even a designer! This is just going to encourage models to become "designers" now.The economy was clearly the driving force behind this decision, this dress is in no way the most impressive or aesthetically pleasing dress of the year, but it is certainly popular and affordable. In the past, high fashion and couture dresses have been chose, this dress costs merely £60. Paula Reed, fashion journalist for Grazie magazine, said: "Great style is not about a bottomless budget: a high street dress can own its style credentials as convincingly as a couture one.We are living in extraordinary times: 2008 is likely to be seen by our children as a watershed moment – the end of a glittering party, when we consumed, celebrated and indulged ourselves like we were guests at a table groaning with good things that would never end. Circumstances demand we become wiser now"

I agree that innovation does not need to be reserved for the runways and super wealthy, I just wish this dress were... well... deserving of being "Dress of the Year".

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