Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Loomstate for Target

Rogan Gregory's line of organic cotton casual wear for men and womenis available now at Target. "For spring, Gregory will create a stand-alone collection for Target based on Loomstate, the eco-friendly line he launched with Scott MacKinlay Hahn in 2004. The Loomstate for Target line will offer men’s and women’s apparel, priced between $14.99 and $44.99. The collection uses environmentally sensitive materials such as 100 percent certified organic cotton and sustainable fibers including linen and silk. "

Rogan's other line, Rogan Select, is a fashion favorite that features more avant garde designs in contrast to the beachy aesthetic of Loomstate.
A recent interview with co-founder Rogan Gregory spilled the beans on the details of this collaboration including how Rogan's vision for 100% organic items were achieved in partnership with Target, a mass-market distributor of affordable clothing. While buzzwords such as "green" and "organic" have gained popularity within the fashion world, there is definitely some awareness that being environmentally conscious and fashionable is not cheap (anyone recall Barney's winter GREEN campaign? Organic dresses for $400..yikes!)

Luckily, this collaboration has "they’ve initiated one of the largest, if not the largest, runs of certified organic cotton ever...not only does it mean Target now has a system in place for perpetuating its commitment to organic clothes, but because of their clout, it also shows other mainstream retailers that sustainability is a realizable ideal."

Another interesting point of debate is whether Loomstate for Target will be up to par in terms of quality compared to its usual line. I found an interesting article from WSJ.com about mass-market collaborations for those who are wary of joining the 'collab-craze' taking place recently. The article puts to the test high-priced designer wares with the 'cheap-but-chic' pieces popping up everywhere. Personally, I'm a huge fan of collaborations since I see these well-designed and affordable clothes as a way for fashion designers to draw a wider audience while cutting a break for their cult followers who don't mind the ease on the wallet and a chance to score some limited edition items. (I DIED for the Comme Des Garcons/H&M collab!)

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