Sunday, 10 May 2009

Spring 09: Round Sunglasses

I know at least among my group of friends, this trend has been a hot topic of debate. Despite the never-ending John Lenon references directed at anyone donning such shades, they are quickly becoming a hot 'must-have' item for Spring 09. While I only recall a couple people who have successfully pulled this look off (Mary-Kate Olson, my friend Stevie who is a make-up artist..) " a diverse group of designers embraced the trend" this season including Proenza Schouler, House of Holland, and Ralph Lauren(!!). What do you readers think about this trend?

Proenza Schouler S09


  1. if you have the right face for round shades, more power to you! they are whimsical and fun, but definitely not for everyone. i like the ones with metal frames better- the thick plastic ones are a little much.

    now i want to go find a pair and see if they work...


  2. I'm curious--I would also like to see if these would work on my face. But my puffy hair renders any sunglasses frame ridiculous. So I don't wear sunglasses and I'll just have to deal with getting cataracts later in life. Oh well. Beauty is pain.