Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Detroit: U.S. Fashion Capital?

New York Fashion Week has gone and everyone who's anyone is in London, right? Not so fast, says Jessica Coen of The Cut. This week just saw the fourth annual Detroit Fashion Week. According to Brian Heath, founder and producer of the event, Detroit is a national fit for the fashion industry. Huh?

It actually makes a lot of sense. As Detroit's car manufacture industry is dying, there are lots of designers and factories who need work. Why not go with fashion? As I've already mentioned, fashion is a very, very cheap industry to get into. Detroit is a much cheaper place than the City--cheaper labor, cheaper overhead, cheaper rent, cheaper, well, everything. And as the demand for more American-made clothing grows, Detroit will be able to pick up the slack from the shrinking Garment Districts in New York and LA.

What do you guys think? It's high time to change the traditional views of American fashion, hmmm?

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