Friday, 2 October 2009

Reel to Real #2: Monica Vitti in "Red Desert"

To me, Monica Vitti is the epitome of "a real woman". In Michelangelo Antonioni's brilliant films of the 1960s, she is used as the "everywoman" figure. But if only every woman could be as strong and sophisticated as her! She has a voice, body, and attitude that bring to mind the word "womanly." Plus, she had ,in my opinion, the best hair ever. I mean, can hair get better than this?:
However, in Antonioni's 1964 Red Desert she is aptypically fragile as neurotic Guiliana, a woman who cannot adjust to her deadened, industrial, landscape. Yet she is as chic as ever.

As you can see, Vitti's look is subtly sexy (such as the plunge in the back) and never overdone. Especially in Red Desert, Vitti shows how effective simplicity can be. To get her look stick with neutral colors, black/white, high waisted skirts with simple tops, and pick one statement piece such as this great clock-watch that belongs to my floormate Molly:


  1. suggestion for next reel to real - bridgitte bardot in contempt

    solid colors, thin silhouettes, oh my!

  2. I was planning on doing that at some point, so i guess we are in sync. So she'll be next