Friday, 16 October 2009

Reel to Real #3: Janeane Garofolo in "Reality Bites"

So at the latest "Potpourri" in the college center I found this dress (for only ten dollars!):

After buying it I realized that part of why I liked it so much is that its baby-doll style and pattern reminds me of Janeane Garofolo in  the 90s time capsule "Reality Bites." Winona Ryder may be the movie's star (and she's wonderful), but Garofolo steals the show with her sardonic wit, not to mention her Bettie Page bangs and eclectic, fun style:

Her look in the movie is playful. Think baby-doll dresses and colored tights (which may subconsciously be why these two things are a staple of my wardrobe). Wearing patterns will also help you get her look. In the movie her bedroom walls are covered in kitschy posters, so don't be afraid to have fun and to have a sense of humor while dressing

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  1. I love that dress in the last photo--the colors are wonderful.