Monday, 23 November 2009

Keep It Fresh, Keep It Classy: Get Dressy

There is a certain misconception that pervades our fashion oriented thoughts. This is a misconception that, if believed, can seriously limit one’s ability to truly look great. Quite simply, people like to divide their clothes into formal and casual, for the most part. Bad! Bad, bad, bad! You’re severely limiting your dress options when you do this, and you invariably become somewhat predictable in your clothes. So, I’m going to address one specific instance that can be easily repaired. 99% of you kids wear jeans ALL THE TIME. Yes, you may be in class, at the Deec, or just with your buddies, and these are all casual environment. However, there are other options besides jeans that won’t make you look like you’re going to a ball. Get a nice pair of wool pants. They’re super-multi-purpose. I wear mine with a coat and tie, and I wear them with my hoodie, too. Khakis are another great alternative to jeans, and, I would argue, the MOST usable pants out there. Here’s a side benefit, besides looking good, that might come in handy during the spring and summer. A pair of light wool or khaki pants is going to be more airy than your stuffy jeans. And don’t tell me you never sweat in the summer with those things on. Let me just go on the record as saying, “I love jeans.” However, you have to change it up a bit to truly appreciate them. Having contrasting levels of formality between your top and bottom is an easy way to go from predictable to snazzy.

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