Monday, 16 November 2009

Keep It Fresh, Keep It Classy: You're Not the Michelin Man; Don't Dress Like Him

That time of the year is approaching. It’s the time when we like to bundle up, play in the snow, and, generally, throw all fashion sense out the window. Yes, winter is coming. It’s one of those seasons that’s filled with fashion opportunities, yet so many people choose to look at the cold as an excuse to look sloppy. But there is hope! Not all your rugged outerwear has to make you look like you just got off the ski slope. Personally, I say “no” to the puffy jacket. It makes you look like you’re wearing 7 times as many layers as you actually are, or it just makes you look 7 times as heavy as you actually are. I like to wear a good top coat over a sweater. Pair that with a nice scarf, gloves, and a hat (I'll talk about these at another time), and you’ll not only look great, but you’ll be toasty warm, too. When you’re looking for the right top coat, think pea coat but longer. Just because it doesn’t look thick on the outside doesn’t mean it isn’t snug and layered. Keep it fresh, keep it classy, and don’t look like a balloon.

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