Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Keep It Fresh, Keep It Classy: Fasten Up

The belt. It holds up your pants, right? It’s an accessory, a utility. I put it on because I have to. If this is the way you think about your beloved belts, then shame on you. There are rules to the belt, and there are certain things you should know about these ever so useful contraptions. First, here’s the oldest rule in the book, in fact I’m sure most of you know it anyway: BELT AND SHOES MATCH! In general, I do brown belts with brown shoes, and then use black belts with all other color shoes. This is alright, since brown shoes tend to be a minority these days, it would be impossible to get a belt for every color shoe. Also, if you wear a watch with a leather strap, your belt should match the strap. Yes, it’s annoying to have change your watch/strap every time you change belt colors, and that’s why I wear a metal-strapped watch. But hey, it’s up to you if you wanna deal with the changing your watch around all the time. So, what belts should you own? Well, presumably, you have at least a pair of brown shoes and a pair of black shoes. That’s two belts right there. I also highly encourage investing in at least one high-quality, though not necessarily leather, belt. A bad belt can throw off a nice look pretty quickly. So, there you have your primer on belts. There are many kinds of belts, so go and experiment with what style, girth, material works best for you.

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