Sunday, 31 January 2010

Spring 2010 Fashion Trends

It might seem like a million billion years away, but spring is coming! And soon. Judging from the runways, here are some trends to look for in the coming months (all images Click to enlarge.):

General: The general silhouette is similar to past seasons: volume concentrated at the shoulders and a small belt at the natural waist. This season, we're seeing some new twists on the big shoulders--out with the 80s and in with the girly, there are transparent sleeves, puff sleeves, even slashed sleeves, which should stay in style forever and ever because they're pretty and medieval-y. This season's colors are also in a more muted palette, thanks to Dries Van Noten's wonderful Fall/Winter 2009 collection, which pleased the eye with its slightly off pastels and tan.



Transparency/ lingerie: Fashion is beginning to move away from the tough-girl 80s look of the past few seasons. It's still around, but we're also looking at lots of lace and sheer layers for the spring.

John Galliano
Donna Karan

Denim: Early 90s denim is back, guys! Take that as you will. I myself will shake my fist at the uncaring heavens.

Stella McCartney
Bondage Warrior: Yep, she's still here, but with a more futuristic edge. Thanks, Gucci. Balmain also continued its widely successful military streak, bootleg versions of which you can now find at your local Zara.



Prints: Computer-generated prints are going to be big this season. These prints, mostly digitally altered images, were first introduced by Alexander McQueen (and, if I may say so, were used spectacularly in his Spring/ Summer show. Yay fractals!) but other houses are using them too. Tribal prints are also "back." It always makes me laugh when fashion editors proclaim that "ethnic" is in, because when is it not? But here we are.

Dries Van Noten


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