Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fashion Techie: Most Useful iPhone Apps

In this age where there's an apple application for everything, fashion designers, magazines, and websites are no exception. If you type in "Fashion apps" into the iTunes music store you will find yourself with hundreds of results to sift through, many of which look really awesome. So how do you chose? Many of the apps are cool, but do things that you can do on your computer. In other words, they don't offer you anything new. Brands ranging from Urban Outfitters to the Gap to Diane von Furtenburg offer you shopping via the iPhone and iPad apps. If you ever feel the need to buy a pair of pants or a really cute shirt while you're on-the-go, I can see these apps can be very helpful, but again buying clothes online is not something I can't just do on my computer. After much deliberation these were the apps that I felt were the most useful:

eBay Fashion:
Being able to place bids and monitor your eBay account is a key ability to have on-the-go.

Elle Shopping Guide:
There are many apps that tell you the best places to shop in different cities, (there are also many books too...) but the Elle Shopping Guide seems like the most thorough and reliable one giving you prices, reviews and insider tips.

Gilt on the Go:
As I have learned from experience, items (and seemingly everything in my size) on Gilt go FAST so you want to be there at 12:00pm when the sales open to get the full selection. Having the ability to do this on your iPhone and or iPad is very helpful because who knows where you'll be in relation to your computer at 12:00pm. If you're not a user of Gilt I highly recommend it!

Stylebook allows you to take pictures of items in your wardrobe, tag them, arrange outfits and track them on the calendar to see how often you wear them. SO COOL!

Lustr Fashion Finder:
Fashion Finder gives you on-the-go updates to fashion events near you, promotions and how long you have until they're over making the life of every fashionista much easier to manage.

If you're one of the many people who does not own an iPod or iPad or iAnything fear not! It's the 21st century, anything's possible on a computer too.

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