Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Peek At Men's Fashion

Admittedly, we on the Contrast blog don't cover men's fashion all that often. This is partly because we don't have any writers covering it yet (do you want to? Drop me a line--cecholst [at], but also because your editor does not much see the point. As far as she is concerned, a man looks best in a well-tailored suit, or naked (especially if said man is Obama's former White House Chief of Staff and currently running for mayor of Chicago with a tragically hideous logo. Call me, Rahm!)

Anyway. This week, Paris is hosting the fall 2011 men's Fashion shows. Fashion is all about characters and so far, personalities have ranged from the sexy 70's inflected gents at Dries van Noten, to the Red Coats at Alexander McQueen, to the sinister skeletons at Mugler (designed by Lady Gaga's friend and stylist Nicola Formichetti) and the Rudolf Valentino meets Ballets Russes explosion that is John Galliano.

Sonny Vandevelde/ New York Times

The New York Times has some great backstage photos from the shows--take a look!

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