Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Randos on Campos

Name:Daniel Killian (or just DK)
Year: Freshman
Top 7 Songs:
1. Hip Hop – Dead Prez
2. Take You Home To My Mama – The Dream
3. Daffodils – Charlene Soraia
4. Snake In The Grass – Waka Flocka Flame
5. Loft Music – The Weeknd
6. Example – Curren$y
7. Swords From Berkeley – Kreateen

Song being played on the iPod lately:
Bass – ASAP Rocky

Favorite Song Lyrics:
From Paris Hilton by Lil B: "I'm Paris Hilton/Swag Paris Hilton/Bag Paris Hilton/I think I'm Paris Hilton"

Guilty Listening Pleasure:
I love me some Meiko

Favorite Song In Elementary School:
What's My Name – Lil Bow Wow featuring Snoop Dogg