Monday, 9 April 2012

Help Contrast Get Published!

Hey Guys,

So, Contrast really needs more money to be able to produce the magazine this semester due to rising printing costs. Printing a color magazine at the level of Contrast's is expensive! So we need you help making some $$$. We have started a kickstarter and have 20 days to make $600, just enough to print 300 copies of a 36 page magazine. As many of you probably know if we do not reach our goal of $600 we don't get ANY of the money, so please help us reach our goal!

Here is what you can do: Email, Tweet, Facebook, tumblr, whatever social media fits your fancy, out a link to our kickstarter, letting people know that we really need the money. Or donate yourself, every dollar counts and its going towards getting your work and/or your friends work out there!

Thanks guys! Let's make this magazine the best it can be! 

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