Monday, 8 October 2012

Chucks 10 Bucks

A quick conversation with Potpourri staple Andre, purveyor of Levis, Carhartts, military jackets and chucks.

How long have you been coming to Potpourri?
Ah, you know I’m trying to recall... probably at least twenty years.

Wow, back a long ways.  How did you get started?
By accident I guess. Years and years ago, after school I thought it would be a good thing in general and just started bargain hunting.

You always have a great selection, where do you find your stuff?
Graveyards, actually... you know I work at night.

Oh really?  Somehow I was expecting a different answer!
Well I’m somewhat of a magician, so I can’t reveal my secrets.

Understood, understood.  Well the things you do find are mainly jackets, coats and shoes, why do you focus on those items in particular?
Well, people need them and I thought they were cool things myself.  You start collecting the things you like and that others like, and you start noticing certain trends, you know.  I started putting out shoes and people need them and like them.

I love the vintage army jackets you always have, do you have any favorite styles?
Yeah, denim, military stuff, old wool, things that have stood the test of time.

Do you think you’ve kept selling the same style of things throughout the last 20 years?
Yeah, pretty much.

You’ve definitely found out what Vassar students like, so you might as well stick to it.
Yeah, it’s just a core thing and it’s held true.

What are the most memorable items you’ve found?
Well clothing is collectable, like any other thing, all things are collectable.  I specialize in Levis and Carhartts, there are very old Levis that are very very valuable and I’ve found a few.

So do you sell anywhere else?
Oh yeah, I’m at Bard next week, Skydmore, Wesleyan, Suny, Albany...

Which is your favorite?
Bard, actually.

Andre, come on, that was the easiest question I’ve asked yet!
Oops, I made the wrong answer, didn’t I?!

Well what makes a good college to sell at?  We’ll take notes.
Just the interest in buying things, that’s all.

So do you have your own collection of things at home?  Items you just can’t give up?
Yeah, I do. Definitely.

Visit Andre on Mondays at Potpourri to start your own collection of Levis from magical places.

Written by: Alycia Anderson 

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