Monday, 19 November 2012

French Fashion Show Photos + A look Behind the Scenes

See For Yourself

Video by Nicole Glantz

The big day came and went, with a better turn out than we could have hoped for. An empty seat was hard to find with the overflow of onlookers standing at the ready to witness the French Fashion Show. In the gallery, spectators waited with a buzzing anticipation not dissimilar to the atmosphere just hours earlier, up the stairs and across the way in Taylor Hall, where models and stylists alike prepared for the fleeting moments of their exciting exhibition.

French pop blared as clouds of hair spray filled the room with a staggering aroma, giving licence to the phrase “beauty is pain.” But these lovely ladies and gents paid no mind to that. Instead, they joined forces to ensure each model was equally styled to perfection.

Following the show, models lined up to be photographed in pairs, small groups, and as an ensemble. Taking advantage of the lovely backdrops provided by the convenient setting of the Lehman Loeb Art Center. Others mingled while indulging in the sweet hot chocolate and desserts, a decadent ending to an eventful night of Art and Fashion.

Contemporary Makeup and Hair by:
Erin Leahy
Louisa Gummer
Olga Voyazides 

Photo Cred: Rachel Garbade & Kevin Vehar

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