Tuesday, 27 November 2012

King Krule

“languid London flow”

Everything just fits as it should when it comes to King Krule. Paying homage to the evil leader in Super Mario “King K. Rool”, youth is not only inherent in their name but also in the groups members—Archy (the lead singer) is only 19. Time is on their side and a testament to their talents, considering their EP out now and future potential.

Easily one of the most talented ensembles out at the moment, King Krule explores every avenue of originality without abandoning their “post-modern ethereal” sound aesthetic. They have a remarkable ability to impart textual qualities on their sound that contribute heavily to its affect. 

“Noose of Jah City”
 Let the gradual build of gentle guitar swells ease you into the open and beautiful, windswept synths spill out enveloping you in a sound cold and alien, yet somehow familiar, exposed, and intimate. The grit in his voice, effortlessly suspended over the wispy synths and echoing guitar will soon meld with the rest and escape you. 

This song works as great re-introduction to the band, now working on their second EP. With “Octopus” they present a more refined version of their aesthetic; a sound that only grows in complexity as the song progresses. The synths are wispier than ever before, the echoing heavier, and the baseline is active and energized. The rollicking guitars of the past are almost completely absent, and replaced by a hauntingly beautiful saxophone.

Written by: Kielyn Jarvis 

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