Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sidewalk Style

Featuring: Thrift-tastic March Jackets

If you’re still wearing your winter coat, that’s a problem. If you never had a winter coat, props to you for sticking it out– this is your moment. Check out these Vassar students and their lighter, fashionable alternatives to the puffer jacket.

Liz Rowland ('14) has on a fur coat, which she got while thrift shopping, a white t-shirt tied at the side, black pants, and black boots.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?
A: A lot of it comes from thrifting and, although you can't really tell from what I'm wearing today, punk and goth music also influence what I wear. My style ADD keeps me all over the place.

Amy Sullivan ('16) is wearing a leather jacket that she recently acquired while thrift shopping here in Poughkeepsie, a black maxi dress, and brown boots.

Q: From where do you get your style inspiration?
A: Usually places like Glamour Magazine and Refinery 29, but mostly from watching other people on campus. Today I was just in the mood for something different than what I usually wear.

Jay ('15) is wearing a varsity jacket he got at a thrift shop in Portland, G-Star shoes, and mustard pants from Topman.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?
A: A lot of it comes from stuff like Details and the Sartorialist.

Sidewalk Style Correspondent: Michael Gambardella
Photo Cred: Michael Gambardella

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