Thursday, 12 December 2013

Saturday Night Style Profiles

What Would You Don?

It's Saturday night and you're about to hit up the THs, TAs, (dreaded) Mug, or maybe even College Ave. if you're feeling adventurous in this weather; what do you slap on?

Sylvia Haigh, 2016

How would you describe your style?  Honestly, I dress like more grunge than girls. I love beaded accessories and usually throw a whole bunch on! I'm really into comfy pants and socks.

Where do you buy your clothes from? Brandy Meville, Urban Outfitters, and also hand me downs.

What are you wearing now? Funky different beads and jewelry from different countries. I really think my hair adds a twist to the sweet, innocent blonde girl look; it helps me stand out.

Isabella Luksh, 2016 

How do you usually decide what to buy when shopping for yourself? I usually walk into a popular store and pick the wildest thing ever and add my own twist to it to make it original and my style. I mean if everyone was wearing the same cute sweater from Forever 21 that would be so blah! So, I overlook the sweater and snatch the pair of crazy patterned leggings instead!

Where you buy your clothes? Topshop, Asos, & Thrift Stores.

And, what are you wearing now? Saturday nights are all about wearing fun things! I would never wear these clothes to class so I like to show a little skin once a week.

Nathalie Freeman, 2017

How would you define your style? My style is eclectic; some days I look like a normal girl from Nebraska and some days I look like I'm trying to fit in at Vassar.

Where you buy your clothes?  Free People and Urban Outfitters.

How would you describe the outfit your wearing right now? Tonight, my outfit shows off my love of earthy tones. By covering my legs, it makes my exposed midriff stand in contrast against the dark colors of my top and bottom.

Saturday Night: Picking Out "The Outfit"


Sometimes it feels like we are expected to look a certain way or fit a certain mold when dressing here at Vassar, but it's important to cut loose every once in a while. You know, we all need to go out, have fun, cut a rug, and maybe even put on sometime a little sexy every now and again! Saturday night is the perfect time to break out of your shell.

Interview and Photography: Parisa Halaji

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