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VC Voice: Valentine's Day Reclaimed No Longer a Couple's Holiday

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If the thought of Valentines Day makes you nauseated, youre far from alone. For years, generations of us singles have groaned at the sight of chalky candy hearts and corny Hallmark cards. For those of us seeking romance, V-Day serves as a glaring reminder of  our solitude, rubbing salt into an already aching wound. And for those of us who happily choose to fly solo, it always seems to give the nagging feeling that we’re doing something wrong.

In elementary school Februrary 14th was the best day of the year, but there comes a time when we all have to dismantle those little paper mailboxes filled with love notes, sticky cherry-red heart lollipops, and pink tinfoil-wrapped chocolates and accept the harsh fact that we don't get goodies in the real world. Instead, we just throw boxes of chocolates at the TV screen (Legally Blonde style).

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But, WAIT; it doesn’t have to be like this. Isnt Valentines Day supposed to be about love? Who says that love has to be limited to romantic affection? Maybe Parks and Recreations Leslie Knope had the right idea when she coined the term Galentines Day,a day to celebrate the love between you and your closest friends with food, dancing, and laughtera day to clink your glasses to the eternal bonds of camaraderie! Even more importantly, why not celebrate the love you have for yourself rather than fixating on someone elses validation? What could be a more appropriate time to celebrate the fact that youre single, free, and happy?

Vassar students are starting to catch on to this feel-good V-day wave. First-year Anna Blum could not be more excited to be a single lady this February 14th, saying, Single [students] take on a defeatist attitude around this time of year. They deny a lot of positive energy and love they receive if its not romantic [] I think [they] are doing themselves a disservice by worrying about finding a romantic partnership, thinking that the most important thing is having a date for Valentines Day. Sometimes, the happiest and most full-of-love encounters can be found in friendships.” 

This sentiment is being echoed around campus, resulting in manifold celebrations of different kinds. Some choose to go the festive routeSamantha Guss, 17, says shes hosting a Galentines Day bash with her girlfriends. We wanted an excuse to eat cheese, sans hookup anxiety,she laughs. Others choose to stay in and enjoy the time to themselves, savoring a welcome chance to relax. Im so looking forward to just ordering in food and watching movies,says first year Rachel Marklyn. To be honest, that sounds better to me than any conventional Valentines Day date.” 

  Come February 14th, we will all be celebrating Valentines Day in our own wayand it deserves to be a good one, regardless of relationship status.

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Written by: Faith Hill
Edited by: Michael Gambardella

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