Sunday, 6 April 2014

Vassar College Eating Club #1: The Menu

All Campus Dining Center (ACDC, aka "the Deece"), photo:

Hello Hello Students,

Ever feel like the our All Campus Dining Center has let you down? Are your Deece meals more appropriate for Tumblr's Dimly Lit Meals for One than they are for human consumption? Well then does Contrast have just the fix for you!

Our newest column, the "Vassar College Eating Club", is a weekly publication committed to bringing you quick and easy recipes that transfigure basic ingredients from the Deece into delicious and nutritious meals. 

Our goal is to bring the student body an alternative to campus-cuisine that is:

  • Cost and time efficient
  • Tasty and delicious
  • Fun and simple
  • Healthy and diverse
  • Guaranteed to make you stop uttering the phrase "I feel full, but not satisfied" when describing your dining experience

Retro Vassar Dining, photo:

The VC Eating Club will be experimenting with a variety of ways to utilize those asymptotic remaining meal swipes that never seem to approach zero. Our recipes will use both the hot plate stations at the Deece as well as your dorm/TH/TA kitchen, so get ready to cook no matter what your culinary situation may be!

Curious as to what our first recipe's going to be? Well here's a riddle:

What starts out beefy and saucy, yet becomes thick and mushroom-capped before it reaches your mouth? What is tender and pink to the eye, yet smokey and savory to the tongue?

No clue? Well, I guess you'll all just have to wait and see what's cookin' next week here at the VC Eating Club!

Peace, Love, and Seasoning,
Michael Gambardella, Amy Sullivan, and Saskia Comess

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