Monday, 20 October 2014

Welcome back!

What's the news all my stylish people! 
Welcome back to another year of stress, learning, but mostly a time to debut good looks even when you feel like a turd. Autumn is finally here and your Vassar contrast exec team is hard at work twisting and turning every gear possible to make sure our first semester back kicks off with a bang. Your Vassar contrast team is ready this year to take the larger Vassar community on a spin. We're more than just your simple ~style~ team, we're dedicated to keeping a keen eye on the greatest style, fashion, and art our eyes can spot.
Now, you may be wondering "Hey, what the use? How is any of this possible and who the hell is putting this all together?" 

Well my friend, meet your bombin' exec board dedicated to redefining mixed patterns and over starched crease lines.

Rachel Garbade, Editor-in-Chief

Rachel Garbade is the editor-in-chief of Contrast. She started out as a photographer in her first year with the magazine and later became photo editor, alongside Jacob Gorski. Rachel comes from Short Hills, New Jersey. She is a double major in Art History and French, currently writing her thesis on Georgia O'Keeffe's urbanscapes of New York City. This year, Rachel hopes to expand the content of Contrast to further capture the many lifestyles lived on Vassar's campus.

Kristell Taylor, Treasurer

Hi I'm Kristell and I am the Treasurer for Contrast this year. I'm currently a junior and a Neuroscience and Behavior major. Last year I was a part of the fashion show and I'm thrilled that I have the opportunity to be more involved with Contrast this year. I loved the "getting out of the Vassar bubble" theme from last semester's issue, so I'm really excited about our next issue since we have a very creative team putting it all together! I have a feeling you'll all love the ideas we're throwing around right now.

Olga Voyazides, Co-Head of Style Committee 

Hi! I'm Olga, I'm a junior, and one of the Contrast Style Editors thisyear. I've been working with Contrast ever since my freshman year,doing makeup and styling models for shoots. This is my second year onExec board for Style, and it's been amazing working with such great people to create such an awesome magazine. I'm so excited for this upcoming issue, with all the great shoots and articles we have planned thanks to our amazing committees!

Lydia Ciaputa, Co-Head of Style Committee

Lydia is a senior Art History major/Greek and Roman Studies correlate originally from Bronxville, NY.  She was a member of the style committee last year and modeled in the Fall 2013 issue.  Lydia loves magazines, fashion, photography, makeup, and most of all, the inevitable hoarding that goes along with all of those things.  She looks forward to Contrast’s first couple of photo shoots this year, one of which involves the juxtaposition of models with architectural features on campus.

Dion Kauffman, Co-Editorial Editor 

Dion Kauffman is an editorial editor of Contrast. He has been involved with Contrast through writing articles and being photographed. He studies Geography and Creative Writing. 

Taylor Pratt, Men's Style

“Townie Tay” was formed from brother Adam’s rib, raised in Poughkeepsie and will never leave until the demise of the post-grad apocalypse. An Urban Studies major with focuses in Geography & Architecture and a desire to debase the inherent colonizing/hegemonic nature of architecture. Tay’s commitment to Contrast aims to sharpen, question and articulate more clearly, the nuanced plurality of lifestyles and voices within the Vassar community. Fuck it though, I just want to change where this college is going and what it’s erasing while adding some minimalist layers along the way.

Jacqueline Krass, Co-Editorial Editor 

Jacqueline Krass is an English major and junior from Brooklyn, NY. She is the co-editor of Editorial and has been involved in Contrast since freshman year, steadily progressing from writing a weird creating thing on the blog to a less weird interview thing for the print magazine. She is excited to be on the board this year and looks forward to a great semester with Contrast!

Jacob Gorski, Co-Photo Editor

When he’s not training to be a Ryan Gosling impersonator, Jacob Gorski can be found taking photos for Contrast, where he is co-photo editor with Macrae Marran. Jacob is a senior psychology major and art history minor from New Haven, Connecticut. He began shooting for Contrast in his sophomore year and later became co-photo editor his junior year with Rachel Garbade. Jacob is excited to continue working with Contrast in capturing Vassar's people and spaces.

 Olivia Michalak, Head of Publicity 

Olivia Michalak manages publicity for Contrast. She started as a member of the style committee and modeled in Contrast’s annual fashion show last year. Olivia is from Chatham, New Jersey. She is planning on majoring in Media Studies when she actually gets up the nerve to declare.

 Lauren Garcia, Layout & Design Editor 

Lauren Garcia is kind. She is  smart. She is important. She is also from Omaha, likes to watch movies in her underwear, and is the Layout & Design Editor of this magazine.

Iyana Shelby, Blog Editor

And last, but not least, is me! My name is Iyana and I'm your blog editor this year. When I'm not obsessing over how my blacks don't match, I'm evoking a spooky persona as I travel through my science classes. "Nerd by day, goth girl by night" is the lifestyle I tend to lead. Throwing things together that magically work out is how I live (and more than likely) will be what this year's blog will follow.

Be sure to stay tuned for more wild Vassar year including our annual fashion show, TBTs of past shows, junior JYA special appearances, recipes, and more. We've got a lot in store for you all this year, so sit down, pop in some brewed coffee beans, and lets get to work!

Yours truly,
your Contrast 14-15 Exec Board 

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