Tuesday, 11 November 2008


The web site, http://lookbook.nu/, is a Sartorialist-esque style site where you can send in pictures and other members can 'hype' them or otherwise comment on them. As another blogger put it "The premise of the site is that members can join and post a portfolio of their 'looks'--photographic compositions that range from the simple self-clicked portrait to the very artistic."

This site is seriously addictive, but also it's refreshing to see some member-driven styles there; people seem to be coming from all over the world and showing things they love with the rest of us.

We don't have a problem with that.

ps. Have a favourite look/accesory/fashion icon/worthy website? Send in it in! We accept any input/photos/anything/everything!


  1. cool pictures. Love the red leather jacket.

  2. do you have invites? didn't realize it was such an exclusive place what with half the people being extremely stylish and the other half looking like bums at the Goodwill superstore.

    regardless, its a really cool site and I'd love to get an account if you have invites

  3. I don't! but this guy does http://theq.typepad.com/fashionevolution/2008/07/lookbooknu.html