Monday, 16 February 2009

Vassar Vintage

Vassar Vintage is a new online store for buying/selling/trading second hand clothes. It's a great option if you're trying to clean out your closet, but just can't bear to throw your cherished clothes into the free box-- this way you can ensure your clothes find a good home, and maybe even make a couple of bucks to boot. There's already a few items for sale, including these great shoes (which are only 10 buckaroos!):

The mastermind behind it all is Vicki Marquette ('10) who, in case you don't know, has an amazing wardrobe full of all kinds of fabulous vintage pieces-- she's actually selling pieces on the site, so there's hope that we too can actually snag some of her closet treasures.

The whole concept is a pretty wonderful idea, and hopefully Vassar kids will get involved and help turn it into a real resource for fashion finds on campus; I can definitely think of a few people whose clothes I covet, and hopefully they'll choose to post some pieces.

All Vassar students are welcome to sell and buy, check it out:

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