Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I Want This Job

Dai Fujiwara is the creative director at Issey Miyake. In this fascinating documentary Color Hunting, Fujiwara and his team traveled to the Amazon with suitcases packed full of cloth color swatches. Once there, the team compared the swatches to thousands of plants, leaves, barks, and mud until they found the colors that matched the forest exactly. Fujiwara had expected to find “bold and brash colors” but instead found quiet, earthier tones. While they were down there, the team traveled to various cities in Brazil, took photographs and spun them to create color streaks with which they created an Urban Brazil palette. Okay, to recap: Mr. Fujiwara gets to spend his days 1) playing with color theory, 2) traveling to distant and exotic locales and 3) setting the tone (pun intended) for the next season. Where do I sign up?

-Ceci Cholst

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