Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Icelandic Fasion

Birkiland´s goal is to introduce, sell and support Icelandic design and assist in its future development in Iceland and around the world.

Their manifesto reads:
  • We believe that Iceland is unique
  • We believe that there is an increased need for understanding our past, our identity and our history
  • We love all the colors of the rainbow
  • We believe in the intense power of nature
  • We believe in quality
  • We believe that design will help create competitive advantage of the nation
  • We believe in love and respect for all things
  • We believe in learning from the past, look to the future and still enjoy today
  • We believe that our home should nourish both body and soul
These principles are certainly evident in their products. They feature five icelandic designers whose products are related to these principles. They are innovative in terms of design and they are truly Icelandic products.

The Seapelt, featured below, reflects the belief present in icelandic myths that describe seals as being condemned by humans. The Birkiland website includes the tale that inspired the designer. These cozy body blankets also come in baby sizes.

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  1. It is so important to look at fashion from all cultures. Great work, keep it up!