Monday, 6 April 2009

Kohl's is Cute?

Every week, while all other fashion stores are floudering in the economy, Kohl's Store manages to be one of the highest earners. While I understand that it is great and cheap, I cannot reorient my mind to determine that they actually have cute merchandise. My memory is filled with ladybug pajama pants and platform flipflops, but maybe that is because I haven't been there since I was nine. Over break, my mom had all of these really cute new dresses (that I tried to steal). When I found out that they were from the Simply Vera collection at Kohl's I couldn't believe it. They are online (and on sale). Check it out for yourself!


  1. Eh, I can't get behind something that not only looks cheap, but looks cheaper than it actually is. The dresses that you posted look good, though.

  2. Which isn't to say that your Mom doesn't have good taste! I'm sure she does! But a lot of the collection (like the tops) just looks bad. I'm sure she bought the pretty things. :)