Monday, 6 April 2009

Silk Turbans

So The Sartorialist and Garance Dore must be dating. The two fashion photographer bloggers have both posted a series of images of women wearing silk turbans this week. Also- she has been in New York all week. That's all I am saying. But turbans must be in a pre-trend stage, as I have yet to see any on real people recently. Garance writes, "And then I also like how sometimes, when I wake up with an unidentified hair-like object on my head, 'Oh hello Amy Winehouse,' my mirror says to me, I should say, this happens a lot more often than I’d like, but I like that I can just grab a headscarf, tie it up, and off we go." If only life could be that simple, I don't think I am quite ready to rock a turban, but these women look great. Am I alone here? Would you wear one?


  1. I will accept turbans only if they look like chaperons: We need to bring the 15th century back. As a Medieval and Renaissance Studies major, I have a vested interest in this.


  2. since i read this post, i've worn scarves as turbans at least four times. no joke. and guess what? i love them. seriously, they are the perfect solution to late nights, crappy weather, and boring outfits.