Thursday, 16 April 2009

Legs, Doubletake

The Similarities between Garance Dore and The Sartorialist are overwhelming. The other day she posted a photo that seemed a little too familiar. This picture is of the same girl, in the same outfit as one that Scott Schuman posted last week. The location is different, the hair has changed, but these two lovebirds are losing themselves a bit. Which photo do you prefer?

And bonus points if you can guess which photographer took which photo......


  1. garance dore took the second one...?

    also, garance dore is part of the sartorialist, that's why they often have some of the same photos.

  2. Actually she took the first one, Scott Schuman is the second.

    I know their sites are related but they don't typically use the same models, it kind of kills the spontaneous feeling don't you think?