Monday, 27 April 2009

Abercrombie in a Recession

"what differentiates one’s frayed cargo shorts from another’s?...A clue: It has to do with price."
-"Losing It's Cool at the Mall," Eric Wilson, NY Times

Does anyone else remember when Abercrombie and Fitch was the place to be? I totally wore their tshirts and jeans every day in seventh grade. All of a sudden, around freshman year, their prices began to skyrocket. I remember picking up a shredded denim miniskirt and seeing that it was $120, now what kind of thirteen year old can afford that? I walked right across the mall to American Eagle and bought an identical skirt for $30. My style has since evolved and I have not actually shopped at Abercrombie for years, but it looks like younger audiences are not quite as infatuated as we once were. Were we part of Generation Abercrombie? Now outdated? Maybe now I will be able to walk through a mall without choking on the smell of their cologne coming out of their stores. Now I just sound old and cranky....

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  1. Oy, I feel the same about the Gap. I would say the same thing about Abercrombie except that 1) They have very large "No fatties allowed" signs posted everywhere and 2) They didn't exist in NYC until, what, two years ago?

    This is their comeuppance for being unnecessary cruel in their marketing practices and allegedly racist and classist in their hiring practices. Screw 'em.