Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ann Demeulemeester Wannabe(s) PART II

I know I keep posting about these Ann Demeulemeester boots but I am both dismayed and excited about how quickly knock offs are popping up. Racked saw this knock off "in the window of Pixie Market LES." I also definitely saw a girl wearing the real deal this morning at Vassar. JEALOUS. I will definitely have to go pick these up!

Update: 5/15/09 There is a terrible copy by Steve Madden too. Oh Steve, if you are going to make a buisiness out of ripping off designers, at least do it well. They also have a tragic version of the Gucci Baboushka ankle boot.


  1. I WOULD KILL FOR HER BOOTS!!! I also think her style suits those boots perfectly. Jealz

  2. JEALOUSSSS. for real.