Tuesday, 12 May 2009

WWD reports that Anna Wintour is working with Mayor Bloomberg on a program to get customers back in stores (it will be announced next week).

Details to follow...


  1. Interesting. I wonder if she'll do some work with him on the future of the Garment District as well. I know that City Hall was looking into some potentially fatal rezoning legislation this past fall, but since then? Nada.

    As for the plan: what could get people back into stores? There are definitely some customers who are able to take advantage of the incredible sales, but they aren't exactly a majority compared to the city as a whole. A media blitz won't help, discounts won't help. Curioser and curioser.


  2. How about NYC...
    - Temporary suspend sales tax
    - Get rid of annoying, slow walking tourists
    - Give me a free Metro North pass to NYC which removes the obnoxious $25 required each time to shop!

  3. Dude, we totally have the tourist problem covered! They turned Times Square into a total pedestrian zone!

    ...Wait, you're telling me that didn't solve the problem? Whoops.