Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sneakers: MMM vs. Kanye West for LV

Browsing through a few online stores, I came across the MMM (Maison Martin Margiela) white high top sneaker and suddenly a curious thought entered my mind. Does this sneaker not look, if merely just on a conceptual level, strinkingly similar to the overhyped wildly discussed Kanye West for Louis Vuitton Don sneakers  released earlier this month? 

Left: Maison Martin Margiela. Right: Kanye West for LV Sneaker.
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Taking into consideration Kanye West 's desire to become a "type of designer that inspires people, not follow other ideas," the basic silhouette of these two shoes are strikingly similar. The use of overlapping fabric as the top shoelace hole in nearly identical places, similar piping style throughout, hard-to-describe back shoe detail (not pictured above) all contributed to my hypothesis. Granted, sneakers are sneakers and to truly create something 'organic' from such standardized streetwear is difficult. However, I can't help but stare at both and wonder if this is a mere coincidence or if Kanye sought some inspiration from a certain avante garde designer in addition to "Dune."

Am I just lacking sufficient sleep due to finals therefore causing my common sense to fail me at 2 in the morning? Or do you share my sentiments? 

More images of the shoes in question:

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