Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Interesting. Two updates on articles that appeared on the Contrast blog recently.

Christian Lacroix, as I wrote at the beginning of the month, is currently in a state of limbo. Last anyone heard about the company, the Borletti Group, a group that currently backs two Italian department store chains, was going to place a bid. Now it's been reported by WWD that an Ajman sheikh has placed a bid. Unlike previous bidders, this mystery man would allow Lacroix's couture business to remain intact.

Also, the Daily Mail is reporting that fast fashion is losing its legendary popularity in Britain. We at Contrast have already written twice about the dangers of fast fashion. According to the new Daily Mail article, High Street "supermarkets" are starting to drop the cheap, ill-made lines and expand into more expensive territory--dresses, knits, and such. This shift is partly because customers are now buying more expensive clothing that will last longer. In addition, the supermarkets want to attract a more "middle class" customer. What, so the poors don't deserve pretty, well-made clothing? If only there was a way to get cheap, nice clothing without exploiting or excluding anyone. A girl can dream, right?

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