Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New York Gets Fashion Incubator

According to an article by Jennifer 8. Lee of the New York Times, New York City is getting a fashion incubator for up-and-coming designers. The Bloomberg administration proposed the plan as a way to not only occupy otherwise empty space but to shore up some of the city's industries (the administration has set up similar incubators for freelance finance workers, restaurant workers, and media workers).

The idea behind the space is this: designers who have been working for a year and a half and employ a staff (paid or volunteer) can apply for a showroom. The rent would be extremely cheap, subsidized in part by a grant from the city. The CFDA would offer educational seminars on industry issues. There would be twelve showrooms in all.

The building is located on W 38th Street--the heart of the Garment District. With this incubator, the city can try to preserve the Garment District; the CFDA can help young talent enter Manhattan; the owner of the building can attract young, interesting tenants; and the emerging designers can have a dream showroom in Manhattan. Let's hope this works.

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