Thursday, 30 September 2010

Music and the Globe~

(Image from Olafur Arnalds' video Ljosio)

Music is the international unifier. We don't need words to understand the meaning of that painful chord progression because we feel it pulling at our heartstrings. We may not even understand the language but the vibrant momentum attracts us. It pulls us up, out of our chairs, and across the room ,to indulge in clumsy pirouettes and other funky moves we'd rather not show the world. The fact is that we learn and we listen with our hearts. Emotions travel through music and into our consciousness, begging us to open our hearts a little wider. In a nutshell, the world is rich with music, so let's explore it together! ~ This little nook will be our journey together to find and appreciate music. I'll periodically update and share with you what I'm listening to. So grab a friend and share a new song/artist with them! They'll just love you for widening their perspective~

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