Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tidbits, Odds, and Ends: Getting Homey and Settled in the Dorm Part III

In Part I of this mini series we asked, "What makes a dorm room a home?". We have received some more pictures from inside Vassar students' rooms to help us answer this query.

Photo: Margot Mayer

These pipes belonged to my grandfather before my grandmother made him quit smoking 50 years ago. They remind me of him, so I took them with me to school to keep a bit of him always with me.
-Margot Mayer

Photo: Jacob Gorski

I always keep my eye open for interior decoration opportunities on the college budget. I snagged this gorgeous set of Andy Warhol Marilyn glasses at a tag sale–what better than to drink out of a vessel of popular consumption!
-Jacob Gorski

Photo: Olga Voyavides
I recently bought a record player, as I have wanted one for a long time. I love listening to an album of songs in the order that the artist intending, really allowing the album to tell its story. There's nothing like listening to a vinyl record on a Sunday afternoon when I'm procrastinating doing homework. I seem to also be keeping Darkside Records in business, as my record collection is quickly expanding!'
-Olga Voyavides

Tobacco... Alcohol...ROCK AND ROLL! Vessels of vice are in every room. What has become of Vassar's Brewers? 

By: Michael Gambardella

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