Friday, 27 September 2013

Tidbits, Odds, and Ends: Getting Homey and Settled in the Dorm Part II

In Part I of this mini series we asked, "What makes a dorm room a home?", and we've received some more submissions answering this question. Here's what Vassar students had to say:

Photo: Rachel Garbade

After the Loeb featured the Polaroid exhibit last year I was hooked. I immediately searched all over Ebay for a Polaroid camera of my own and quickly stumbled upon this one. Four months later, I've gone through over five packs of film and taken photos with it in three different countries (France, Italy, and the USA). At this point, I like to call it more of an obsession than a hobby.
                         -Rachel Garbade

Photo: Emily Selter

I have had this framed picture of me and my friends since freshman year, and it always makes me smile when I see it when I put on my perfume. The Hello Kitty band aids are a must, so I always have some with me.
                        -Emily Selter

Photo: Chris Farrell

This bright, beautiful orchid brings a little nature into my humble abode and contrasts with the minimal style of my space. It was also a gift from someone special.
                                 -Chris Farrell

So there you have it: cameras for foreign travels and excursions, pictures from romps-past, and foliage from that special someone. What makes your room homey? Share with Vassar, email blog editors and let us know.

Written by: Michael Gambardella

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